Halloween 2018 Limited Edition Gameboy Advance

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You want to receive a backlit GBA unit and skip our usual 2 months lead-time?

Be quick! These 3 monsters are searching for families to martyr!

The Halloween 2018 Edition features:

  • Themes specs (Shell / Buttons / Start-Select Silicone Pad) :
    • Pumpkin : Orange (Spice) shell / Clear Orange buttons / Neon Orange Start-Select
    • Frankenstein : Clear Green shell / Black L-R + Clear Green for the others buttons / White Start-Select
    • Beetlejuice : White (Pure) shell / Clear Green L-R + Black for the others buttons / Purple Start-Select
  • Full-Black Glass Lens
  • AGS-101 Backlit screen
    • AGS-101 Voltage Regulator
    • Digital Backlight Brightness Controller
    • Retro Modding Audio Amplifier
    • 1400 mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Not what you are looking for? 

    Looking for a custom GBA?

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    Important Notes:

    • Allow 2 open days to QA and prepare your package
    • No cosmetic or technical modification will be taking into account, what you see on the picture an what is described is what you'll get.
    • Some of our customers have reported a humming sound or high pitch coming out of the console's speaker. All GBA issue noises when listening carefully in a quiet environment. An amplifier might make it sound worse. Most customer don't hear it nor mind. Those with sensitive hearing will probably mind it. If you have any concerns please contact us prior as there will be NO refund for this regard.
    • Our units comes with two authenticity stickers: a Modded in Quebec sticker with a unique serial number and a 3D printed Retro Modding sticker.