Krikzz's SD2SNES Pro

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The SD2SNES Pro is the powerful successor to the foundational SD2SNES. With updated hardware and almost double the embedded RAM, you can now enjoy your favorite SNES games and ROM hacks like never before. Return to the best retro titles the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo Entertainment System have to offer with this reliable, easy-to-use flashcart.

The cartridge uses a custom made multi-region shell that fits North American (NTSC), European (PAL), and Japanese (NTSC) consoles.


  • Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC support 
  • Fast ROM loading (~9MB/s)
  • Fast and easy menu navigation
  • Directories sorted automatically—no need for FAT sorting tools
  • High resolution menu (512 × 224) for adequate display of long file names
  • Real time clock
  • Supports ROM size up to 128 MBit (96 Mbit implemented)
  • Automatic near-time SRAM saving to SD Card.
  • MSU-1 can be used in conjunction with all enhancement chips
  • SuperCIC key (SNES CIC clone) enables operation on unmodified consoles of all regions and supports software 50/60 Hz switching on SuperCIC enhanced consoles
  • Auto region patching
  • High-quality four layer PCB
  • Enhancement chip support for:
    • BS-X memory map / Satellaview base unit registers (clock)
    • DSP-1/1B, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4
    • ST-010
    • Cx4
    • MSU-1
    • S-RTC
    • OBC-1
    • GSU (Super FX)
    • SA-1


  • Firmware updates available at
  • Learn more about the differences between the SD2SNES and SD2SNES Pro


  • 1 x SD2SNES Pro


  • SD card sold separately
  • SD cards have been tested up to 200GB
  • Does not support exFAT, so SDXC cards must be reformatted using FAT32