Krikzz's Super EverDrive

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  • Max. ROM size up to 7Mbyte
  • Return to menu after reset
  • SRAM auto backup on SD card
  • Supported SD/MMC up to 32GB
  • FAT16 and FAT32 are supported
  • GameGenie cheat codes
  • Simple menu
  • Connection to PC and any additional software is not require
  • USB port for developers (optional)*
  • DSP module. Enhancement chips support: DSP1, DSP2, DSP3 DSP4 (Optional)


*My cartridge shells does not have a hole for USB. 

Cartridge uses custom made multi region shell. It fits in both american and euro/jap systems.



User Manual

OS update (Super EverDrive v2)


Legacy Downloads (Super EverDrive v1)