Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate Game Boy Advance V2

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The long-awaited follow-up to the Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate Game Boy Advance V1 is finally here. As many of you witnessed on Metal Jesus Rocks' YouTube channel, we built the most amazing Game Boy Advance— yet again!


This product is geared towards those who want to receive a fully-built, ready to play unit as shown in Metal Jesus Rocks' Ultimate Game Boy Advance V2 video. For those who want to undertake the mod themselves, a convenient DIY project kit is available.


The standard MJR color scheme is a clear purple shell (not atomic purple), black buttons, and a light gray-start select pad, but all three options can be configured to suit your aesthetic preferences. In order to make this customization possible, please note that the shell and buttons are not included in the base price.


  • 1 x Pre-built Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate Game Boy Advance V2


  • For additional customization options, please check out our build to order Game Boy Advance and for custom consoles using the crisp IPS LCD, check out our build to order Game Boy Advance (IPS LCD).
  • A more affordable version of this product is available as the Metal Jesus Rocks Ultimate GameBoy Advance V1.
  • Please see the photo below for the difference between the clear purple and atomic purple GBA shells
  • This unit comes with two authenticity stickers: a GBA sticker with a unique serial number and a 3D printed Retro Modding sticker
  • All units are tested prior to shipping
  • Cartridge slots are cleaned and tested prior to the unit being built and shipped. We strongly recommend carefully cleaning all carts using isopropyl alcohol before inserting them into your new unit in order to avoid dirtying the pins
  • Please keep in mind that the GBA always puts out a low-level hissing or high-pitched noise due to the GBA's hardware. An amplifier will make this noise louder. While most customers don't hear or mind the sound, those with sensitive hearing will probably be bothered by it and should avoid purchasing a product with an amplifier
  • Due to restrictions imposed by USPS surrounding the shipment of consoles with battery packs, units going to the United States can only be shipped via ground transportation, which may extend the time it takes for you to receive your order
  • Please note that battery packs and, consequently, this product are prohibited from being shipped into Germany. Unfortunately, this situation is out of our control. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause
  • Given the interest in our custom consoles, we ask that you please allow up to 8 weeks for your order to be created
Difference between Atomic Purple and Clear Purple Gameboy Advance Shells