FAQ (work in progress!)

Global info and regular orders

Store information

Where are you based and do you have a physical store?

If you are canadians, why the prices are in USD?

I need more info of something, what is the best way to contact you?


I already place an order, can I change or cancel it?

If my order includes a pre-order item, will you ship in 2 packages?

I'm having trouble placing my order on your website. Help!


Do you ship worlwide?

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Can you declare a lower value for my incoming package to help me avoid paying taxes?

Does Retro Modding cover taxes, duty, etc. for international customers?

My package seems lost, can you help me?

Return / Exchanges / Cancelation

I just received my order and something is broken/missing, what can I do?

My order has not shipped yet, can I get a refund ?

Build to order consoles information

Global information and Quality Control

Do you test all consoles before shipping them?

Can I send you my console for modding?


Can I have a status update during the 8 weeks lead time?

Any question not answered above can be send to us by email. Contact