Retro Modding and ASM merge

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Retro Modding and ASM merge

Retro Modding is proud to announce the merging of the ASM modding division and Retro Modding on February 14th, 2017. They now both operate under the Retro Modding brand and joined forces to offer the modders community a unique level of quality and product diversity.

Retro Modding started in June 2016 when Olivier, a long time modding passionate, began to sell custom handhelds he was building on his coffee table after work. His products were noticed by Metal Jesus (a celebrity of the retro gaming world) who uploaded a youtube video on Olivier’s handhelds. It was the beginning of a new-found fame for Retro Modding.

ASM is Apeshit and Ultramega’s well known high quality brand of custom manufacturers since 2010. They were meticulously working to deliver incomparable items when bad luck stroke and forced them to take their stock off the market for over a year.

Thanks to the merge and to a shared strong work ethic, ASM’s projects are no longer on hold and their stock is now available again under the Retro Modding brand. This allows the new company to take care of the entire lifecycle of the handhelds, from R&D to manufacturing parts, modding, retail sale and distribution. This new process makes it possible for Retro Modding to offer customers a faster service with exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

ASM’s other activities such as cartridges production will continue under the new Gameboy Life brand (find them on

More information can be found on

The whole ASM product line is available here, enjoy!