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Ever since the launch of their Kickstarter, Freeplay Zero and Freeplay CM3 have been discussed multiple times online, youtubers haver urged themselves to create build tutorials and review videos. We waited until Freeplaytech released their Brightness Control and L2/R2 addon before sending a unit to Metal Jesus Rocks for him to review a final working unit. You can see how much he appreciates his build from the video below. Check out the product page here to learn more about its features

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16 months after the release of the first video, Metal Jesus Rocks has reviewed our work on the Ultimate Game Boy Advance v2. We created the ultimate GameBoy Advance console with the best components currently available. Enjoy the watch!

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We are proud of our collaboration with Metal Jesus Rocks on his latest video. We created the ultimate GameBoy Advance console together using different products from our store. Here is the original video: The console features: Modded AGB-001 with an AGS-101 backlit screen Clear green Gameboy Advance shell Clear buttons and bumpers Anton Veretenenko's GBAmp3 (Class D Amp) Variable brightness switch Brand new speaker Glass screen The exact same model can be purchased directly from HERE, enjoy. You can watch more of Metal Jesus Rocks AMAZING videos from his YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!

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