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McWill's Atari Lynx LCD Upgrade

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Give your Atari Lynx a second life with McWill's LCD upgrade. This exceptional kit will improve the color, contrast, and clarity of your Lynx, so you can enjoy your favorite games like never before. 


  • Doubled resolution mode at 320 x 206 pixels
  • Doubled resolution mode with scanlines for that classic retro aesthetic
  • Optional VGA output kit to enable connection to an external television, monitor, or projector



  • 1 x McWill's Lynx Replacement LCD kit
  • 1 x VGA output kit


  • Each kit is tested before shipping. No returns will be accepted for this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Atari Lynx II McWill uprade - worked like a charm

Great upgrade - I am now replaying my Lynx game collection of ~50 games. The screen clarity is amazing. Just a couple of tips that made my upgrade easier. I used 30 gauge silicon coated wire for the LCD connections. Very flexible and will not melt when you make the solder connections. I used heat-shrink tubing to bundle the wires. I moved up to 24 gauge silicon coated wire for the power connections. Next, rather than de-solder the components that were to be removed I just cut them off with a pair of flush wire cutters. I was done with component removal in 1 or 2 minutes. I ordered a second upgrade so I can do my other Lynx II next. Then I can try to beat my, now adult, kids in Slime World again with both units connected.