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Game Boy Color Backlit TFT LCD

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Backlight your Game Boy Color with this trim-free, solder-free LCD solution. It's never been easier to enjoy your favorite GBC games on a beautiful backlit screen.

For a polished aesthetic, pair this kit with one of our custom Game Boy Color glass screen lenses.


  • Completely trim-free solution
  • True drop-in solution—no soldering necessary
  • Bright, backlit LCD
  • 5-level brightness adjustment with touch-control
  • Effective power management for battery longevity
  • Preserves the GBC's aspect ratio


    • 1 x Game Boy Color backlit LCD
    • 1 x Ribbon cable
    • 1 x PCB
    • 1 x Set of spacers


    • This product has a slightly smaller viewing area than the original GBC screen. Custom glass lenses sized for the smaller viewing area are available in black and white
    • Center the LCD using double-sided tape
    • We recommend placing the touch controller at the top of the console near the infrared sensor
    • This LCD is also used in the Neo Geo Pocket Color backlight kit with a different ribbon cable
    • Avoid placing pressure directly on the screen. Hold the edges of the drop-in kit carefully when installing it in your console. Do not pinch the screen between your fingers when manipulating it
    • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. 


    • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Easiest way to play in the dark

    While the display may not be as crisp and bright as the IPS screens. The TFT LCD allows you to update your GBC without any shell modification or soldering.

    One major issue!

    Screen works perfectly fine, but there is one big issue here that I'm genuinely unhappy about, the touch sensor is on the wrong side. If this wasn't a problem I would rate the system 5 stars, but since I can't adjust my brightness I'll have to give it a 2 star.

    Great product

    This product works as it should and looks great. It was an easy install, even as it was my first time modding anything. I didn't push in a ribbon cable all the way at first so I contact the team and they were a great help and I was able to fix the problem very quickly. I strongly recommend this product and buying from this company.

    Easiest install for a backlight

    Despite the difficulty to maybe find a tutorial or clear instructions on how to properly install this kit, it is very easy and looks great otherwise. I recommend using a white glass Gameboy color lens to hide the small white edge of the screen. It's completely unnoticeable. I had to sand down a little of one of the spacers (top) to make a little more snug fit. I have experience putting ags screens into gb advances and backlighting dmgs and this was the quickest and easiest by far.

    Tight fit, but it gets the job done.

    Perfect kit for people scared of soldering irons. Just beware if you order a new shell to go with this, the IR sensor cover was manufactured incorrectly, rendering the shell impossible to close without destroying the IR Sensor due to it not having the space to slip under the sensor cover. I swapped the OEM IR cover into the shell and it closed up fine. You also don't need to get a separate glass lens, this kit comes with one despite the page saying otherwise. I now have a spare lens collecting dust because of this.