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This mod allows you to change the speed of the GBA to one of four speeds including: normal, fast, ultra and slow-motion (1x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 0.85x) by simply simultaneously pressing three GBA buttons. GBAccelerator is useful for quickly bypassing text in games, speeding up games when they experience 'slowdown', for slowing down the action in tough games and for custom homemade games made to use the faster processing power that GBAccelerator provides. Chiptune producers will be able to create new, crazy sounds since the audio changes pitch as the speed changes.


Normal 1x
Fast 1.5x
Ultra 1.75x
Slow-Motion .85x


  • GBAccelerator Chip
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Wiring Kit

Installation instructions


  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage that might arise when attempting this mod (you will need to remove the current crystal on the AGB board).
  • This component is not compatible with Everdrive or EZ-Flash, it will only work with genuine game cartridges.