Game Boy Buttons (NES Style)

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Our unique, in-house, Game Boy replacement buttons are cast using proprietary machinery. These plastic-injected buttons are cast using high-precision tooling insuring a final product of equivalent quality (better?) as the original.

These buttons can replace your worn NES, DMG or SNES* buttons!

Some colors may not make a return with the new upcoming model. Some of these buttons are soon to be obsolete, grab them while they last!


  • Machine cast in high quality ABS material to assure durability.
  • Color matching to match Game Boy shell colors, screen covers, and more!
  • Compatible with NES, DMG Game Boys, and *SNES Controllers


  • 1x NES D-Pad
  • 2x NES A/B buttons

The Dpad will not fit into a SNES controller, but the two circular buttons will. However, the response will be different from genuine buttons due to some subtle differences.

Color may slightly vary from what you see on your display.