McWill's Sega Game Gear LCD Upgrade

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Welcome to the 21st century! Give your Sega Game Gear a second life with McWill's LCD upgrade. This exceptional kit will improve the color, contrast, and clarity of your GG, so you can enjoy your favorite games like never before. 


  • Seven different display modes that can be scrolled through by holding 1 + 2 + Start:
    • Scaled resolution: The Game Gear's 160 x 144-pixel resolution stretched to the 320 x 240-pixel resolution of the internal LCD
    • Scaled resolution with scanlines: Same as the previous mode but with vertical scanlines to emulate the look of the original screen
    • Doubled horizontal resolution, scaled vertical resolution:  This mode doubles the GG's 160 horizontal pixels to 320, so, when stretched to the 320 pixels of the LCD screen, the horizontal resolution is perfectly scaled, while the vertical resolution is stretched
    • Doubled horizontal resolution, scaled vertical resolution with scanlines: Same as the previous mode but with vertical scanlines
    • Doubled GG resolution (upper and lower parts are cut off):  Doubles the GG's resolution to 320 x 288-pixels, but only displays 240 of the 288 vertical pixels. This avoids stretching the display but cuts off the top and bottom of the image. In some games, this makes no difference 
    • Doubled GG resolution with scanlines: Same as the previous mode but with vertical scanlines
    • Native Resolution:  Native 160 x 144-pixel resolution, centered in the 320 x 240-pixel resolution of the screen



  • 1 x McWill's Sega Game Gear Replacement LCD kit
  • 1 x VGA output kit


  • Each kit is tested before shipping. No returns will be accepted for this product.
  • Compatible with PCB revisions 837-9130 / 837-9024 / 837-8560 (1 ASIC) and with 837-7996 / 837-7719-01 VA0 (2 ASIC)
  • Please note that this product is not compatible with the Majesco Game Gear VA4 or VA5
  • Please use the latest quick guide version available at the time of purchase as to not risk damaging the mod kit. 

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Whited
Wrong parts

I didn’t know there were many versions of the motherboard. I got the a screen but no replacement screen kits are available for va5 so I’m at a loss. Cs is accepting the order back thankfully. My ignorance has struck again 🥺

steven rodgers
New lcd

Honestly this screen makes your Game gear a lot better. It's so bright and it makes the games look a lot nicer.

Jason Evans
Stay far away from these people.

Sent me the wrong parts and I contacted them about it. They told me they were the right parts and they just weren't. I gave them a chance to walk it back with some dignity but they doubled down on the stupid. Tried to tell me to put caps with the wrong voltage in my handheld. I have about 20 of these things to recap and install mcwill screens in, and I'll be taking my business to Console5. I can still use the screen, but the caps were only about 5 bucks, so it's one of the cheapest lessons I've ever learned. Money well spent. You just lost a few grand in business. Good job.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for this review.

While I understand you are not satisfied with the situation, I'm quite unsure what more you would have expected. We compiled a chart with the requested OEM and corresponding replacement capacitor for you.

As for the capacitors not being of the right voltage, we are not quite sure what you mean here. The list we sent you was correct. Generally there is no problem using capacitors of a higher voltage rating.

We've helped dozens of other people recap their Game Gears. We would be glad to continue helping you with this if you let us.

The RM Team

Brendon ODonnell
Great upgrade

I installed my first one just recently with a fresh recap, and it works great! Pretty easy to install if you have soldering skills, and the right tools (desoldering tweezers for the win!). This screen is so bright! I haven't tested out the battery life, but having control of the brightness will help.

Nice upgrade but comes with disadvantage

I just finished this mod and I am happy with it but I am a little frustrated with the screen shimmer. I know you can get rid of the screen shimmer by playing in the Native 160 x 144-pixel resolution but the picture is just too small like that. Getting the position of the screen right was no easy task. I soldered all four corners down originally and found out later the screen position needed to be changed so I had to desolder the screen and resolder it later which is no easy task. Overall it is really cool mod, but the screen shimmer is a bit of a pain.