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We partnered up with a wide selection of brands to bring you the biggest range of gaming accessories, parts and mods available online. To name a few:


Zedlabz offers the widest range of gaming accessories in the UK. Our wide range of products can be found from them as they are our official UK distributor.


Yesterday's Tech
Yesterday's Tech are well known for their resin-cast, candy-incrusted buttons. We offer a wide range of their buttons. Yesterday's Tech is also our official Australian distributor for the RM product line.


Funny Playing
Funny Playing are best known for their fantastic IPS screen mods for Gameboy consoles including DMG, Advance, Advance SP & Color models. We stock a full range of Funny Playing IPS screen kits, shells and buttons. Retro Modding is an authorized retailer of FunnyPlaying.


InsideGadgets make the popular GBxCart reader & writer for Game Boy Cartridges, they also make the flash carts and some other useful little mods, all in house manufacturing, made in Australia.


Helder's Game Tech
Helder's Game Tech is a company specializing in electronic mods for Gameboy consoles and other handhelds, they provide quality battery mods & other parts. Find power cleaner flex & Gameboy Advance USB C battery mod kits from Helder in our store.


Natalie The Nerd
Natalie The Nerd is an Australian based modder doing fantastic kits and mod products such as LED flex ribbon cables for Game boy Color.


Obirux is a UK based modder doing some of the most unique one off mods to consoles we have ever seen such as home consoles with part concrete shells! We now stock Obirux Glass Macro screen lens and matching stickers.


Xipher Design
Xipher Design is a US based modder doing some amazing 3D printed designs and sharing them with the community. We now some of Xipher's PCBs which are needed for these community builds.


Lab Fifteen Co.
Lab Fifteen Co. Formerly known as Jellybelly Customs, are probably best known for resin buttons of all different colours and amazing special effects. We offer a wide range of Lab Fifteen Co. buttons and other products into our range, so watch this space!


Krikzz manufactures top of the line flash carts for a wide variety of consoles. We're proud official distributors of their products.