Screw Posts for GBC-101

Retro Modding
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These 3D printed screw posts allow you to perform a CGB-101 mod without using any glue to hold the shell together. Installing the AGS-101 in your Game Boy Color used to result in a messy and inelegant reassembly. With these screw posts, closing the shell is much neater. They're based on BennVenn's design.


  • Custom printed for the CGB-101 mod
  • Prints in unobtrusive colors


If you'd like to 3D-print your own screw posts for GBC-101, our STL file is open source and available on Thingiverse. 


  • 1 x Set of two 3D printed screw posts for the CGB-101 mod


  • This product is specifically designed for the CGB-101 mod
  • These posts might not be compatible with custom lenses sold by other vendors as they may result in an offset display