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Is the inside of the cartridge slot on your Game Boy old and dusty? Sounds like a job for the Clean Boy! Featuring one of our plastic Game Pak Cartridges, fitted to contain a small strip of slightly abrasive polishing paper, simply insert the cartridge and allow it to clean those hard to reach cartridge pins. 

This product comes in both a pre-built and DIY version, and replacement polishing film is also available. 


  • Custom cartridge designed to clean the pins in the cartridge slot of your DMG, Pocket, GBC, GBA, or SP
  • Easy to use; simply insert cartridge, and the polishing paper will do the rest



  • 1 x Game Pak in clear neon yellow with cart label (pre-labeled)
  • 2 x Polishing films (pre-installed) 
  • 2 x Supports (pre-installed)
  • 1 x Game Boy Cartridge Protector


  • 1 x Game Pak in clear neon yellow
  • 1 x Cart label
  • 1 x Polishing film
  • 1 x Support
  • 1 x Game Boy Cartridge Protector

Replacement Film

  • 1 x Polishing film
  • 1 x Support


  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
  • This is not a game; the plastic Game Pak cartridge contains only the parts necessary to perform the cleaning function 

Customer Reviews

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Joe Shimamúra
From Mexico with love!

My order arrived in the best condition I could ever imagine, and the Clean Boy came perfect. No complaints. Thanks.

Clean Boy

Nice final touch for my rebuild. Quality is solid, comes with its own case which is nice. No issues reading games on my GBA!

Logan Bertuglia
Cleans it well!

I dont need to take the whole thing apart to clean

Easy way to clean DMG!

Love this little cartridge!

Reviewer avatar
Retro Restored

I'm amazed at how well this works. I clean my pins manually but obviously I do a horrible job compared to this thing. Great job guys, awesome product!