Game Boy Advance AGS-101 LCD Brightness Controller

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Enjoy incredible control over the brightness of your AGS-101 LCD with this brightness controller. This reliable little board allows you to select one of 12 brightness levels from almost dark to maximum brightness. 

Want an even brighter screen? Check out our VRV2, which combines our brightness controller with our in-house voltage regulator.


  • 3-button in-game brightness selection
  • 12 brightness settings
  • Saves brightness settings upon reboot
  • Fully compatible with the Retro Modding rechargeable battery pack


  • 1 x AGS-101 brightness controller


  • We typically recommend setting the trigger button to SELECT or START. To change brightness settings, simply hold the trigger button until the screen flashes white. Once it does, use the up and down buttons on the D-pad to navigate to your brightness setting of choice. Press SELECT again to save your preferences. The system will remember your selection the next time you boot up the console.
  • Intended for use in the Game Boy Advance

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Joe B
AGS-101 brightness controller

Easy install and works swimmingly