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Volume Potentiometer for Game Boy Color / Advance

by Generic
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If you're hearing a crackling noise when you adjust the volume on your Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance, it's time to replace the thumbwheel potentiometer with a brand new one. This little replacement volume control wheel makes all the difference when the volume knob is stiff or damaged.

An original Game Boy volume potentiometer is also available.


  • Compatible with the GBC and GBA
  • Repairs stiff, sticky, scratchy and crackling volume control wheels


  • 1 x Volume potentiometer


  • This product requires soldering
  • If using this product in a GBA, you will need to solder pins 2 and 3 together and pins 4 and 5 together (pins numbered as seen from the top)
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart