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Game Boy IPS Backlight Bleeding Protector

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This 3D printed plastic frame reduces backlight bleed in Game Boy consoles that have been modded with the IPS display. This display naturally cause some light to bleed around the edges. This protector sits between the LCD and the lens to minimize the amount of light visible at the sides of the screen.


  • Fits flush with the LCD opening on aftermarket shells
  • Available in a range of colors designed to match the look of your console, including black, white, light gray, blue, green, and red
  • Reduces visible light bleed on all four sides of the screen
  • Helps protect your screen from dust
  • Also usable for aesthetic purposes, to provide a slight color accent around the LCD


  • 1 x Game Boy IPS backlight bleed protector in a color of your choosing


  • The files for the bleeding protector can be found on our Thingiverse, here


  • This product is intended for modded DMG units and, as such, is sized to fit the opening of our aftermarket shells
  • You may have to trim the plastic with a utility knife to make it fit properly in certain shells
  • Before inserting the bleed protector, ensure there are no plastic shavings around the screen opening, since leftover plastic can cause the protector to buckle
  • This product is not recommended for mods that use both a clear shell and a clear lens, since light will always bleed with that combination regardless