Game Boy Micro OXY-001 LCD

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Restore your Game Boy Micro with this high quality replacement LCD. This product is perfect for swapping out a liquid crystal display that suffers from dead pixels, fuzzy colors, scratches, and other blemishes.


  • High-quality replacement LCD for the Game Boy Micro
  • Modular screen with built-in backlight


    • 1 x Game Boy Micro LCD


    • Avoid placing pressure directly on the screen. Hold the edges of the LCD carefully when installing it in your console. Do not pinch the screen between your fingers when manipulating it
    • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. Do not force the shell closed around the LCD
    • Exercise caution when removing the Game Boy Micro's battery to access the LCD
    • This is an aftermarket product and may not perform the same as its genuine counterpart


    • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

    Customer Reviews

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    Alright replacement, lower quality.

    I bought this replacement LCD screen to replace the stock screen on one of my GB Micros, which had 1 pixel stuck to the color red.
    When I pulled in the new screen, it works as intended, however the replacement screen had a few problems compared to the stock one:
    -much bluer screen
    -worse contrast
    -worse viewing angles.
    In the end, I decided to put back my stock GB Micro screen, even with the stuck pixel on it.
    I'd recommend this screen if your GB Micro's screen is absolutely unusable and you have no other choice. Otherwise, if your screen has a defect that can be overlooked, keep it.