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Game Boy Pocket Backlit TFT LCD

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Backlight your Game Boy Pocket with this trim-free LCD solution. It's never been easier to enjoy your favorite DMG games on a beautiful backlit screen.


  • Completely trim-free solution
  • Requires only two wires to be soldered
  • Bright, backlit LCD
  • 5-level brightness adjustment with touch-control
  • Effective power management for battery longevity
  • Preserves the MGB's aspect ratio


    • 1 x Game Boy Pocket backlit LCD
    • 1 x PCB
    • 1 x laser cut bracket 


    • Please check out our tutorial for instructions on how to install this backlight


    • Avoid placing pressure directly on the screen. Hold the edges of the drop-in kit carefully when installing it in your console. Do not pinch the screen between your fingers when manipulating it
    • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. 


    • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Adam Boyd
    Simple and easy

    I tried to add an LED to my original screen, and it didn't go well. I ruined it, to be frank. The next step had to be something more straightforward, and this was that solution.

    The precut bracket fit right into place and the screen sits neatly into it with a border around the edge to help it fill the aperture, since the screen isn't quite as big as the original. Soldering the single wire was no issue, and the touch pad sits at the top of the handheld, neatly out of the way. The product page didn't seem to mention the multiple palettes you can access by holding the touch sensor instead of just tapping it like you're changing the brightness, but there are 5 different settings: grayscale, green, red, yellow, and a faded one that looks more like the original screen but has less contrast than the others.

    This was a great upgrade for the Game Boy Pocket I got back in the late 90s along with the new case I installed, the whole thing feels like it's grown up with me now.

    Joshua Parker
    Easy to Install

    Super quick and easy to install. The only criticism I have is the puctures in the guide are not for the current verson of the mod (they do have the difference in the text of the instruction).

    Joe B
    Gameboy Pocket TFT

    Great quality backlit screen and affordable with an easy installation

    Easy install + perfect picture

    Awesome quality and super easy install! Good luck keeping those AA batteries alive though with this power sucker of a screen haha! Might be time to consider a rechargeable battery for the Pocket 🤔 Thank you Retromodding!

    Roger Moore
    Great screen!

    It's a great screen, does the job, nicely lit, and was quite easy to install! My only couple complaints is that the screen is smaller than the original screen but that's not a big issue, and my second complaint is more of a request and that's to have a way to wire the brightness control to the contrast potentiometer (If there is already a way to do this I have not found it but please let me know.)

    <p>That's great to hear Roger, thanks for the feedback!</p>

    <p>The screen is indeed a bit smaller. Sorry for the inconvenience.</p>

    <p>For the controller, it's not possible as far as we know!</p>

    The RM Team