Game Boy Micro Faceplate

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If you want to give your Game Boy Micro a makeover, pick up one of our interchangeable faceplates!


  • Easy to remove faceplates for the Game Boy Micro
  • Clicks into place with no need for glue or adhesive
  • Available in a range of styles and patterns
  • Packaged with protective plastic coating


  • 1 x Game Boy Micro faceplate in a style of your choosing


  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart
  • This product may have slight imperfections like minor surface scratches on the window or small chips in the paint. These blemishes occur on the production line and are beyond our control.

Customer Reviews

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Jesse Hazeslip

Game Boy Micro Faceplate

Victor Micucci
Little scratched

Some scratches on the actual clear cover, but beautiful otherwise

Seth Varela
Bad Mold with Some Faceplates

I gave this 3 stars because the first “monsters” faceplate I got was amazing! Fits perfect, and the matte texture on top is a nice touch. However, the second “Pikachu” faceplate I got was significantly different. Maybe they changed their mold sometime and I got old stock. But the molding of the second faceplate didn’t fit on the Micro well. Made the D-Pad and face buttons sit flush with the faceplate. It was too long, almost.

Tara Keith
In-Depth Review of Boo Faceplate.

I bought this Faceplate because i've heard plenty of good stories about the product; both on reddit (shoutout to r/gameboymicro by the way) and Youtube. I have to say those reviews were 100% accurate and, based on my initial impression, these are my thoughts.

1. The quality of the plastic is Great (10/10) it's sturdy, fits like a glove, doesn't "sink" the buttons, it feels really, really amazing.

2. The borders of the faceplate are a little too rough for my liking (9/10), i couldn't muster the courage to do some sanding myself, but, since i don't watch the borders at all times and they don't interfere with the gameboy micro, it comes more as a nitpick rather than an issue. But yeah, when buying yours be aware it may come with some rough edges, not a deal breaker in the slightest though.

3. The screen comes with 2 protective films "one on the back" and one on the "front" but again, be warned the protective film on the front is pretty tight, so remove it with EXTREME CAUTION. Make no mistake, if you receive the flacepate and you think it comes off with scratches, do a double take, it may be the protective film. Oh! and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR i cannot get over how pristine it looks, it's simply amazing and that alone is worth every single cent (11/10).

4. The finish; and in this particular case the Boo Design, is really cool, it looks crisp and comes with a matte finish (no more fingerprints bugging you!), the paint looks like some sort of acrilic, and after sweating it and giving it a clean with alcohol, it didn't fell off of got damaged, still, i'd advise just wiping it gently with a cleaning cloth, here i'd give it a (9/10) If anything because it's imprinted directly on the faceplate and it would've been cool if it were printed inside the faceplate with a protective film of sorts, but again, that's more of a nitpick.

5. The "hooks" on the faceplate are impressive and fit perfectly, they also come off almost immediately after releasing them and it makes it really easy to change between faceplates (10/10), couldn't ask for better hooks.

And that's it. I cannot recommend these faceplates enough, but it would be cool if Retro Modding admins updated the faceplate gallery with actual screenshots because they look stunning! once placed in your micro.

If you're purchasing from Latinamerica, keep in mind you'll have to pay quite a big chunk of money from shipping expenses, and, as long as your purchase total doesn't go above 50$, you shouldn't have any kind of issues or would need to pay any additional fees, so my advice would be to make individual purchases if you want to avoid paying exorbitant taxes, or ignore if you have the means and previous experience to pay them. Also, the shipping was really fast, i ordered on Saturday and it arrived on Thursday! properly protected and in a good sized box.

So, as a TL;DR of sorts: I bought one of these faceplates and i absolutely adore it, well worth the money, the screen looks so pristine and that experience alone is worth the asking price. If you're looking for a great alternative or need a new faceplate, these are the ones you're looking for. Take my word for it, you WON'T regret it.