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The GBAccelerator allows you to cycle your Game Boy Advance's clock speed through one of four settings: normal (1x), fast (1.5x), ultra (1.75x), and slow (0.85x). Simply press the three buttons you map and enjoy the speed of your choosing! The power LED will blink to let you know what mode you're in.


  • Cycle through four speeds with a press of three buttons
  • Useful for bypassing long stretches of text in games or slowing down the action in touch games
  • Ideal for homebrew games designed to use the faster processing power provided by the GBAccelerator
  • Provides Chiptune artists new sounds since the audio changes pitch with the speed



  • 1 x GBAccelerator chip
  • 1 x Double-sided tape
  • 1 x Wiring kit


  • Overclocking is only compatible with genuine video game cartridges. While the flash cartridges like the EverDrive or the EZ-Flash work at 1x speed, overclocking the system with a flash cartridge will cause the game to freeze.
  • We recommend installing this product using 30 AWG Kynar solid-core wire
  • Ensure that your wiring lies as flat as possible to be able to close your shell without adding too much pressure internally
  • Cut wires to exact length. Excess wire may make it difficult to close the shell
  • Compatible with the GBA game link cable, provided both systems are running at the same speed
  • The three button connections on the GBAccelerator are interchangeable. We typically recommend using START + L + R to keep them different from our VRV2 button mapping
  • LED is steady at normal speed, performs single blinks at fast speed, double blinks at ultra speed and fades in and out at slow motion
  • Holding the combo for 10 seconds will activate/deactivate the 1.75x setting.


  • This product requires you to remove the crystal on the GBA board. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that might arise when you attempt this mod

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Zach Freed
Awesome mod

Best way to play old school Pokémon games. The old games are unplayable without it once you have used one of these things.

Mun kyu Son


Lenny V
Awesome product!

I got to love these accelerators that I’ve bought 4 of them!!! They are worth it and super easy to install!

kdou yusuke

Thank you!
safely arrived!
I installed it immediately and am doing Pokemon.
I'm happy to be able to do it speedily!
Also thank you!

Ryan Shiskowski
Works perfectly

The accelerator works great, it's super fun to speed up and slow down my old GBA/GBC library of games.