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The GBAccelerator allows you to cycle your Nintendo DS or DS Lite's clock speed through one of four settings: normal (1x), fast (1.3x), ultra (1.7x), and slow (0.66x). Simply press the three buttons you map and enjoy a speed of your choosing! The power LED will blink to let you know what mode you're in.


  • Cycle through four speeds with a press of three buttons
  • Useful for bypassing long stretches of text in games or slowing down the action in touch games
  • Ideal for homebrew games designed to use the faster processing power provided by the GBAccelerator
  • Provides Chiptune artists new sounds since the audio changes pitch with the speed
  • Compatible with the DS's wireless features
  • Allows you to speed up and slow down GBA and DS games on your NDS and NDSL consoles



  • 1 x GBAccelerator chip
  • 1 x Double-sided tape
  • 1 x Wiring kit


  • This product only works with genuine video game cartridges. It is not compatible with the EverDrive or EZ-Flash
  • This kit features completely internal installation, so it won’t mess up the look of your DS
  • LED is steady at normal speed, performs single blinks at fast speed, double blinks at ultra speed and fades in and out at slow motion. However, LED indicators are suspended when using the DS in wireless mode 


  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage that might arise when you attempt this mod
  • This product is not compatible with certain DS Lite units, but there is no way to determine which ones will work and which won't before testing them. On these units, normal speed works fine, but changing speeds freezes the console. This will not damage the console, but you'll end up right back where you started with a system that can't be overclocked. Please keep this in mind before purchasing this product

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