GameCube Controller Button Set

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If your GameCube controller buttons are looking a little worse for wear, swap them out with this replacement button set. 

A GameCube thumbstick cap set is also available.


  • Complete GameCube controller button set, including both thumbsticks
  • All buttons available in their original colors
  • Fits genuine GameCube controllers and some third-party controllers


  • 1 x Complete GameCube button set


  • The Z button included in this set will not fit without minor modification. The button must be trimmed or sanded down to size in order to fit in the controller
  • The GameCube controller can be opened with a tri-wing screwedriver (sold separately)
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Appel
triggers won't fit DOL-003 Black GC Controller

What fits well and works for this controller:
01. Analog Joystick
02. C-Stick
03. D-Pad
04. All Face Buttons (B,A,Y,X, Start)

What Doesn't Fit At All:
01. L-Trigger -- missing a moulding for the metal pin-hinge [pictured : the L-Button with a defined place for a straight cylindrical metal pin to use as a hinge is the original button. The other L-Trigger is the replacement which could not be used.]
02. R-Trigger -- missing a moulding for the metal pin-hinge
03. Z-Button -- wrong size (too large)

Christopher Bennett
Gamecube button

I can only give this a 3 out of 5. I was able to use some of the buttons, but the z button would not work with the oem metal lever and I could not figure out the left and right should buttons with the springs provided.

Conal Dunne

GameCube Controller Button Set