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Recent Update Regarding COVID-19

Recently, we have learned that a member of our team has tested positive for COVID-19. While we have been actively practicing the appropriate procedures of masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing in our office, we are naturally taking the proper precautions given this news, and as a result, shipping operations have been suspended while we temporarily close our office and have the rest of our staff tested. We expect to have all results by Wednesday, although this could be delayed until Friday. For the time being, shipping has been suspended until Thursday, July 30th. Apologies for any inconvenience.

In order to minimize the spread of disease, suggested behavioral changes include:

Suggested Behaviors

  • 🚫🤦 Don't touch your face
  • 🚫🤧🤲 Don't sneeze into hands
  • ✅🤧💪 Do sneeze into your elbow
  • 🧼🖐⏲  Wash your hands regularly
  • 🚇😷🛒 Wearing a mask in public

Social Distancing

  • 🚫🤝 No handshakes
  • 🚫🧑‍🤝‍🧑 No close contact
  • 🚫🏟 No large gatherings
  • 🧍↔️🧍 Keep a reasonable distance from others
  • 🧍▫️▫️🧍 Stand 2m (6ft) apart
  • 📦🚪 Leave packages at door for no-contact delivery

🚩 Note: Consult local advise for specific rules, regulations and best practices as these vary considerably by region.

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