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Retro Modding VIP rewards program

Looking to get the most out of your reward coins when shopping on our site? We wanted to give a quick recap of our VIP rewards program, so that you can be aware of all the opportunities there are for you to save on your next purchase!

Earning Coins Instantly

If you don’t have an account already, be sure to create one, as it’s necessary to be able to keep track of your coins. Better yet, you’ll receive 200 coins just for signing up! Not to mention that with an account, you’ll automatically receive 300 coins every year on your birthday.

Once your account is ready to go, there are plenty of opportunities to earn some quick coins through social media. Liking our page on Facebook, following us on Instagram and Twitter, and sharing our page on facebook and Twitter are all worth 100 coins each - with the opportunity to score yourself 500 coins from those actions alone!

However, perhaps the best way to collect coins is through our store. Not only will you receive 100 coins every time you leave a product review, but your account will allow you to automatically receive coins on your purchases. Initially, you’ll earn two coins for every dollar spent, but as your account earns more coins and its level goes up, this ratio can increase to as much as five coins per dollar!

What use would all these coins be, however, if you can’t spend them? To that end, coins can be redeemed for coupons to give you a discount on your order: 650 coins earns you $5 off, 1200 coins gets you $10, 2200 scores $20, and finally, 3000 coins can be redeemed for a $30 coupon!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity! Make sure you’ve got an account, you’re logged in when you place your order, and you’re keeping up with us on your socials; after that, you’ll be saving in no time!

Until next time,
The RM Team


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