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What's New in August

It’s August, and we’ve got some updates to share!
Read on to see what’s new!

Game Boy Pocket Mods

Looking to mod your Game Boy Pocket? We’ve got Game Boy Pocket shells from Funny Playing with no logo, available pre-trimmed for the Funny Playing IPS, while featuring a modified battery compartment to allow more space for battery mods.

These Pocket shells are exclusive to us, and best of all they’re available in the US as well! You can pick these shells up now; and if you’re looking to try your hand at a battery mod, our 850mAh LiPo batteries are the perfect choice!


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Last month you loved these 3 products, good thing they are still in stock!

Handheld History X Retro Modding

We’re excited to be sponsoring A Handheld History, the upcoming book from Retro Dodo! This exploration of the history of some of your favourite retro handhelds includes contributions from a number of familiar faces in the retro gaming community, so we were naturally eager to have the opportunity to help! If you’re interested, be sure to visit the books webpage, and maybe even place a pre-order.

Incube8 Games Releases

The Machine - Digital Edition available now
The Machine is an adventure game set in an original dystopian world, in which you’ll have the opportunity to pursue numerous different storyline paths, leading to one of over 25 possible endings! The digital edition includes the game ROM, in addition to a PDF instruction booklet, game cover art, desktop wallpapers, and a Bandcamp download code for the soundtrack.

New Release - Magipanels
We’ve also recently released Magipanels, in case you’re looking to enjoy a good puzzle! Magipanels is a modern take on the match 3 genre, where you will manipulate panels on the grid one column or row at a time to form matches and earn a high score, while utilizing character specific abilities to radically alter the grid in your favor!

New Release - Wing Warriors
Wing Warriors is a fast paced shoot ‘em up, featuring three playable characters that promote different strategies as you try to conquer the game’s six stages and three boss battles. The game also features a score saving feature, and is playable in English, French, and Spanish. You can find all of these games on the Incube8 website now!

New Release - Gunship
If you’re looking for a cartridge only release, Gunship is a rail shooter where you will fight your way through five action-packed missions, as you try to repel the attack and restore peace.

Finally, we are happy to be sponsoring the summer modding contest on the Game Boy subreddit! Two winners will be voted on and crowned: one for aesthetics, and the other for technical ability. We’re offering $100 in store credit to the winner of both categories, and will be posting both winners as well as a selection of some of our personal favourites here. It’s a great opportunity for you to get started on your next modding project!

Until next time,
The RetroModding Team
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