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Natalie the Nerd X RetroModding✌️

Natalie the Nerd X RetroModding✌️

New Product Announcement!
🔥 GBA Led Boards! 🔥


A few months ago we reached out to Nathalie the Nerd to help her ease the manufacturing of her boards.

We are proud to announce today that we are taking care of the production and distribution 📦 of the GBA-led board!

It's time to light up your favourite GBA!

As with all Retro Modding products, we aimed for a high-quality product that will hold up to our standards while removing the manual labour that Nathalie had to do. We'll also be providing Natalie royalties 👑 for each board.

With our new collaboration, this product will now be sold at a lower price of:

$ 9.99
$ 45.99

If you haven't already used these boards before, the left and right parts are independent which gives you the opportunity to mix the colours with different led kits, which allows you to have a total of 36 colour combinations🚦!

Game Boy Advance Led Board
45.99$ 9.99$
Available mono-colour variants: Pink, Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Green

Ready to Ship!

Well, well, well, this is all amazing news, but when and where can we get the boards? These boards are already 🚀 ready to ship 🚀 on our store and are available for our UK 🇬🇧 and EU 🇪🇺 friends at ZedLabz!

Nathalie, thank you for your trust ❤️ and for letting us take care of this product, our collaborations are always a great pleasure for the whole team at RM. Special thanks to ZedLabz for being a part of distributing 🚀 this amazing product from this equally amazing community! 

Until next time,
The Retro Modding Team 

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