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Colors all the way!

Colors all the way!

Remember these old school toys from your childhood? 🤔

We especially loved the toys that changed color depending on the temperature!
Guess what, we have shells and buttons for Game Boy in DMG and NES style that do exactly that!
Have a look ⬇️


Did you know that we have more than +25 button color variants?

Do you like Super Smash Bros?

Recently we created this trophy for a SSBU tournament!

Modded Game Boy Advance with stand

This weekend we were proud to sponsor the first major Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament in Montréal, streamed on VGbootCamp Twitch channel (620k)! Maybe you have already seen our 2 modded GBA and laser cut stands which were part of the trophies for the 2 winners:

Hungrybox (3-Time #1 SSBM Player in the World)

Chag (Smash Ultimate Player #19 in the world)

Category:  Super Smash Bros. Melee - singles Category: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - singles

These 2 consoles have a Funny playing IPS screen, our RM amp and USB-C Battery pack, the new Nathalie the nerd Green led board for GBA, and a UV printed shell and box.
If you are interested in these parts, have a look below 

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