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We distribute Yesterday’s Tech's Pocket Rocks!

We distribute Yesterday’s Tech's Pocket Rocks!

A while back, we announced Yesterday’s Tech as our official distributor in Australia, allowing a convenient alternative for international customers to purchase Retro Modding products from an Australian vendor! Well, what goes around comes around, and we’re happy to announce that we are now carrying Pocket Rocks!

These hand-cast resin buttons are manufactured by Yesterday’s Tech to bring a unique explosion of color to your console. Available for original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance - in 37 color variants for each - these buttons are sure to make your build stand out. We are the only website currently offering these buttons, outside of Yesterday’s Tech themselves!

So if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on some of these buttons, but have been dissuaded by the shipping from Australia, you now have the option to order from a North American supplier. Furthermore, don’t forget we now collect EU VAT at checkout for orders under 150 euros, so it’s a great choice for our European modders as well!


Be sure to browse the vast selection of Pocket Rocks available now!


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