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Labfifteenco buttons are now available at RM!

Labfifteenco buttons are now available at RM!

We announced the arrival of Pocket Rocks earlier, but the new button offerings don’t stop there. We are happy to announce that we are now carrying buttons from Lab Fifteen as well! 

If that name is unfamiliar to you, perhaps you will recognize them as Jellybelly Customs. Started in 2016, the name may be new, but the quality remains the same! We are excited to be offering Lab Fifteen for Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, as well as the only custom Game Boy Micro buttons on the market right now (though currently limited to just the A and B). With a combined fifteen variants (coincidence?) across these three consoles, these resin buttons are hand-cast in a custom mold, and provide even greater opportunities for finding the right style of button for your console. 

Be sure to head over to our website to check out the Lab Fifteen buttons in stock now, as well as all the other great buttons we have on offer! 

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