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Game Boy Buttons

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Our unique, in-house Game Boy replacement buttons are cast using high-precision machinery. These quality buttons closely reproduce the style and feeling of the original hardware, so you can enjoy the same great experiences in a brand new color. 

Looking to change things up? We also offer NES-style Game Boy buttons with concave A and B button surfaces and arrows on the D-pad.


  • Durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material
  • High-quality, responsive buttons that play better than typical budget replacement parts
  • Perfect fit with our in-house shells
  • Compatible with DMG and Play It Loud Game Boy handhelds as well as NES and SNES controllers (see warnings) 


These button sets are available in over 30 different models, including 25 different colors, airy pastels, clear neons, and perfect reproductions of Nintendo's original hardware colors, color-changing ones and the unique Neptune buttons!

Can't make up your mind? Leave the decision up to us!

  • Random set: A full set of buttons in one random color. We'll pick out something that complements the shell you order.
  • Mixed set: A full set of buttons in a variety of colors. We'll pick individual button colors that complement each other as well as the shell you order.


    • 1 x DMG D-pad
    • 2 x DMG A/B buttons
    • 1 x DMG power switch cover
    • 1 x DMG extension (link) port cover


    • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
    • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart


    • The Game Boy's D-pad is much smaller than that of the NES so, while it works in a NES controller, the fit will be loose
    • The Game Boy's D-pad will not fit in a SNES controller, but the A and B buttons will

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Great products.

    Highly recommend using Retro modding products. They are a high quality.

    Mark DeNardo



    Game Boy Buttons

    Ashleigh Short
    Issues arriving in the UK!

    Sadly my order never arrived. A mix of brexit and pandemic issues meand it must have gotten lost somewhere along its journeys.

    Any potential UK customers, do not let this put you off, but be aware there's a risk of losing your moneys worth and to plum for the more expensive tracking option ( my mind is hazy but my order was £100ish and I opted to risk skipping the $40 (?) Tracking option - regret it now!

    Hi Ashleigh,

    Thank you for this honest review.

    Would you mind sending us an email at We would like to look into this issue with you.

    Never hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.

    The RM Team

    Anthony D Williams
    EXCELLENT quality

    Everything I ever get from this site is always the best quality and that's definitely the case with these buttons. I love you Retro Modding!