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Our unique, in-house, Game Boy shells are cast using proprietary, high-precision tooling to ensure a final product that's as close to genuine shells as possible. While low-end aftermarket alternatives may deliver variable results, our shells have been carefully cast to reproduce the style and feeling of the original hardware. With over 25 different color options, you can give your old console a vibrant, brand new look. If you're looking for trimmed DMG shells, these are available here.


  • Durable ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material from Japan 
  • Printed A, B, Start, and Select text
  • Manufactured for a perfect fit with the DMG PCB
  • Machine cast with a lightly textured finish to reproduce the feel of the original shells
  • High-quality replacement parts with an accurate fit


    These shells are available in over 30 different models, including 25 different colors, airy pastels, clear neons, reproductions of Nintendo's original hardware colors, color-changing ones and the unique Neptune shell.

    Can't make up your mind? Leave the decision up to us!

    • Random Single Color Shell: A full shell (front, back, battery door) in one random color. We'll pick out something that complements the buttons you order.
    • Random Mixed Color Shell: A full shell (front, back, battery door) in a variety of random colors. We'll pick colors that complement each other as well as the buttons you order.


    • 1 x DMG housing with matching battery door
    • 1 x Extension (link) port cover
    • 1 x Set of brand new screws 


    • Battery contacts and metal shield not included
    • Choosing a trim for this product may add up to 4 weeks of production time to your order
    • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
    • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Randy H

    id been wanting a clear case for decades and im really liking this one. slight texture for a no slip grip. no cloudiness, it's easy to see through, so it looks good. and everything fit together nicely. the addition of new screws was beneficial as well (i had wrecked the original screws during a screen repair years ago)

    Jolan Groll
    Nice colour and easy install



    Game Boy Shell

    Ashleigh Short
    Great from beginning to end!

    Excellent quality and I love the look, combined with their buttons and ips screen to help breathe new life into my brusied and battered DMG!

    Also a massive thank you to their customer service department. I fell foul of rotten luck and international shipping through brexit, lockdowns and canal blocking shipping containers. Definitely looking forward to making my next purchase!

    Tyler Moran
    Perfect Shell!

    These are high quality shells. My only gripe was that the purple one(s) I got did not have the Nintendo Gameboy writing on them. I went through 3 of them because I kept messing up the IPS trimming and wanted it to be perfect.