Game Boy Shell

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Our unique, in-house, Game Boy Shells are cast using proprietary machinery. These plastic-injected shells are cast using high-precision tooling ensuring a final product as close to genuine shells as possible. Those looking for a perfect fit will love the accuracy at which these shells are cast, they offer a perfect fit with your DMG PCB. Usage of lower-end alternatives currently available on the market may give you strange results, our shells won't.

True to the original, these shells are newly cast in 19 different amazing vibrant colors! Our Red, Green, Blue and Yellow shells are colored according to the Super Famicom controller's buttons.


  • Printed A/B and Start/Select text
  • Machine cast in high quality ABS from Japan to ensure durability.
  • Textured finish


  • 1x Front shell
  • 1x Back shell
  • 1x Battery door
  • 1x Extension (link port) cover

NOTE: No battery pins, metal shield or screws are included with these, all you get is plastic.

A budget alternative can be found here also.

Color may slightly vary from what you see on your display.