AGB-IPS Sticker

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If you've updated your Game Boy Advance with the stunningly sharp Funny Playing IPS LCD, this sticker provides the perfect finishing touch for your build. These AGB-IPS stickers bring a look of authenticity to your modded handheld and fit perfectly within the indentations on the backs of original and aftermarket GBA shells.

AGB-101 stickers are available for modders installing the classic AGS-101 display.


  • AGB-IPS (not AGB-001 nor 101)
  • Relevant serial number (AGBIPSXXXXXX)
  • Updated battery recommendations (NIMH / RM Battery Pack)
  • CE certification marking


    • Game Boy Advance AGB-IPS sticker


      • Colors may vary from what you see on your display.
      • This is an aftermarket product and may feel different from its genuine counterpart