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Refresh the look of your Game Boy Advance with a brand new replacement shell. With so many colors to choose from, you can customize your console to suit your style.


  • Enhance the look of your Game Boy Advance
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • For modders intending to replace their LCD, we offer trimming for the AGS-101 and the IPS LCD. Please note that selecting a trimming option can add up to 4 weeks of production time to your order.


  • 1 x GBA housing with matching battery cover
  • 1 x Set of replacement screws
  • 1 x Power LED pipe
  • 1 x Back housing sticker


  • Please keep your original screws as the those that come with the replacement shell may be insufficient
  • Game Boy Advance buttons not included
  • Glass and plastic replacement lenses for the AGS-101 are available for purchase, as are glass lenses for the IPS LCD
  • Trimming for the IPS LCD is done for the centered installation method
  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart
  • See the photo below for the difference between Pure White (top) and Milky White (bottom)
Arctic White and Pure White Game Boy Advance Shell Color Comparison
Top: Pure White, Bottom: Arctic White
Change Log
2019-11-11: Milky White has been renamed to it's official name, Arctic White.

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