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Game Boy Advance SP Fuse

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If your Game Boy Advance SP won't turn on, one of the first things to check is the continuity of the fuse. If it's been overcharged, pick up this replacement fuse to repair your console and go back to enjoying your favorite GBA games.


  • Compatible with the AGS-001 and AGS-101
  • Helps prevent damage to the PCB


  • 1 x Game Boy Advance SP replacement fuse


  • This product is not compatible with the AGB-001. Please check out our Game Boy Advance fuse if you need to repair your GBA
  • To test your fuse using a multimeter, place one probe on either side of the fuse. If you don't hear a beep from the multimeter, the fuse was burnt and needs to be replaced. Do not jumper the fuse as a diagnostic test
  • Replacing the fuse does not solve the underlying issue that caused the fuse to burn in the first place. Determine what caused the fuse to blow before installing this replacement part