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Give your original Game Boy a second life with our Game Boy backlights. We carry three unique models, each available in a range of colors. With options geared towards modders of all levels of experience, it's never been so easy to light up your favorite DMG! 


Our store brand Density Game Boy backlights are targeted towards modders with basic soldering skills.

The Density backlights are designed by ASM

Skill level: Intermediate


  • Compatible with the DMG and MGB
  • Connected to regulated power (no dimming)
  • 4 LEDs mounted vertically
  • Completely preserves power LED and LCD housing
  • Built-in resistor
  • Machine molded polarized film can be rotated 90 degrees without lifting the LCD
  • No pre-attached wires
  • Small 1.2 mm panel footprint (1.4 mm total thickness)



  • 1 x Density backlight panel in a color of your choosing
  • 1 x Bidirectional or omnidirectional polarized film
  • 1 x Set of hookup wires


  • The sticker is placed on the back of the product and is intended to serve as a guide for which way to position the backlight
  • The White Density V2 is quite a bit brighter than the V1 and must be paired with a bivert board to produce a clear image. The V1 can be used without the bivert board, though using one is strongly recommended. 
  • The Olive-Green Density backlight is relatively dimmer than the other color options; be advised when ordering

Deadpan Robot

These backlights are intended for more experienced modders. The resistors aren't integrated, so you can enjoy greater customization in exchange for a slightly more intensive installation process.

These backlights are designed and supplied by Deadpan Robot.

Skill level: Advanced


  • No built-in resistor—add your own resistor and choose to have the backlight as bright or as faint as you want it to be
    • Larger solder pads
      • Flexible printed circuit board


        • 1 x Deadpan Robot backlight panel in a color of your choosing
        • 1 x Polarized film
        • 1 x 100 Ohm resistor (150 Ohm for orange)

        GBMUK (Game Boy Mods UK)

        GBMUK backlights are designed for beginner modders without much soldering experience. The wires come pre-attached to simplify the installation process.

        The GBMUK backlights are designed by Game Boy Mods UK and supplied by Deadpan Robot.

        Skill level: Beginner


        • Built-in resistors customized for each color to improve contrast
        • Adhesive positioning strip to keep the backlight in place
        • Super diffusion—minimal "hot-spotting" and even light distribution
        • Flexible printed circuit board—no need to cut the LCD frame
        • Pre-soldered wires for easy installation


          • 1 x GBMUK backlight panel with pre-soldered wires
          • 1 x Polarized film

          VC Series

          VC series backlights are targeted towards beginner modders without much soldering experience. They come with a pre-attached polarized film and pre-attached wires to reduce the number of steps required for installation.

          The VC series is designed by ASM.

          Skill level: Beginner


          • Compatible with the DMG and MGB (best results on the DMG)
          • Connected to regulated power (no dimming)
          • 4 LEDs mounted vertically
          • Completely preserves power LED and LCD housing
          • Built-in resistor
          • Built-in polarized film
          • Reinforced wires
          • Color-matching wires
          • Small 1.2 mm panel footprint (1.4 mm total thickness)


          • 1 x VC Series backlight panel with pre-attached polarized film and wires

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 18 reviews
            matthew sweet

            It’s a great little piece of tech to add a simple backlight. Made even nicer by the Bivert chip that retro modding sells.

            No Instructions

            Ordered a Game Boy Backlight and received it without any form of instillation instructions or any link to where to go for it. message sent to [****] was ignored.

            Hi there,

            Thank you for this honest review. We are sorry for the issues with the screen.
            As for the emails, it seems like you did not write to the correct email address, as we are RetroModding and not RetroMolding. If you sent us an email at, we will be glad to help you out.

            The RM Team

            Juan Diaz

            Pretty good replacement 100% recommended

            My V...I Mean First Backlight (sorry)

            A couple years ago, I modded my Game Boy Pocket with a TFT screen (I think that's what it's called), then put IPS screens in my GBC and GBA. I recently had an interest in doing a different type of mod, so I bought a red backlight (later swapped with an orange one) and modded my DMG. Embarrassing story time. It took almost an hour to get the reflective film off the back of the screen because I didn't have any isopropyl alcohol and didn't feel like getting it, so I slowly removed the film to avoid damaging the screen. I then had difficulty fitting the backlight behind the screen somehow. I eventually finished the mod and had fun doing it. The obvious shortcoming to backlighting is a dimmer image, but a bivert chip fixes it. Frustrations aside, I wouldn't mind trying to backlight a GBP later on.

            Did not disappoint...Not even one single bit!

            I am very Pleased!!

            I was worried that even the Olive backlight would cause my Gameboy to look non-stock when in the daylight.
            But when I put it in, the panel's color when off looks so close to the original you can only tell it's not original when next to a stock Gameboy!

            I am also very pleased with the color of the light when playing in the dark. It looks exactly as I imagined a backlit DMG Gameboy should!

            The installation was a little hairy, but the screen's ribbon cables held, despite the tension I put on them. Once the backlight panel was dropped in, it was a simple re-assembly.

            I'm just using the stock power regulator, we'll see how it holds up over time.
            This was a junkier Gameboy I wasn't too concerned about breaking worse, so if it does die, it's not too much of a loss. Coincidentally, the very slight extra width the backlight aided in removing some dead lines on the screen by adding just enough pressure to the ribbon cable-LCD junction!

            It would be fun to try some of the other colors if I get more Gameboys.