Game Boy Backlit TFT LCD

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If you're looking to backlight your DMG, this trim-free backlit TFT LCD will give you everything you need for a bright, high contrast display. It's never been easier to enjoy your favorite DMG games on a beautiful backlit screen!


  • Completely trim-free solution
  • Bright, backlit LCD
  • Brightness switch with touch-control


  • 1 x 2.2" TFT LCD
  • 1 x Ribbon Cable
  • 1 x PCB
  • 1 x double-sided tape
  • 1 x screen lens


  • Avoid placing pressure directly on the screen. Hold the edges of the LCD carefully when installing it in your console. Do not pinch the screen between your fingers when manipulating it
  • Too much pressure can permanently damage the screen and result in rows of dead pixels. 


  • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Percy Arcadia
First time buyer

Product came sealed and secured, very nice. Ease of mind to know nothing will break in transit in the future as well

Nicholas Kerns
Works Great!

Lacking any documentation this was a little tricky to install, but with some help from the retromodding team I was able to get it working and it looks great.

Paul Kisling
Wonderful Mod.

The screen is smaller than the original but it’s not crisp and bright that with the included glass lens it looks great. I only have a hobbyist’s level of soldering ability but the ribbon bridging isn’t terrible with some patience. Retro Future on YouTube has a tutorial for this installation on his Metroid Gameboy Video.

Two things I would suggest for future kits: a bracket to line up the screen with the lens, doing it by took a while. Also the very left most line flickers on what appears to be the sprite layer. I would like some documentation on what that is and a possible fix.

Ferris Whitney
Incredible Quality

The difference this screen makes over the original is absolutely incredible. You can actually see what is going on! The brightness control is interesting but absolutely works. I positioned the touch sensor next to the screen lens. The kit comes with a glass screen lens not pictured here that is the perfect size for the screen. Before installing this, I would advise purchasing some kapton tape as it makes positioning the screen much easier. You will need to have some skill at soldering to install this kit. I recommend this to people who want to keep the original gameboy hardware inside while improving the screen in the process. It is completely worth your while to purchase this screen.