Game Boy Color IPS LCD Centering Bracket

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This 3D printed bracket has been custom designed to center the Funny Playing IPS LCD in a Game Boy Color shell.

This bracket comes included with the purchase of the IPS LCD Kit.

While not explicitly required to install the IPS, this two part bracket aims to make the installation as easy as possible. Simply place the bottom bracket, place the LCD in the ridge on the bracket, and place the side bracket on top. 


  • Custom printed for a perfect fit with the IPS LCD
  • Centers the LCD in the CGB shell
  • Prints in unobtrusive colors


If you'd like to 3D print your own IPS LCD centering bracket, our .STL files are open source and available on Thingiverse; you can find the bottom bracket here, and the side bracket here.


  • 1 x IPS LCD bottom bracket
  • 1 x IPS LCD side bracket


  • This product is specifically designed for the IPS LCD; it is not compatible with earlier versions of the CGB IPS.
  • Installing this product requires trimming part of the plastic from the CGB shell

Customer Reviews

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Alberto Henriquez
Works like a charm!

This is my favorite IPS mod for the GBC since it uses the same lens size as the original screen! Everything worked perfectly without the need of sodering or anything else. Pretty good!

Luis Hernandez

Game Boy Color IPS LCD Centering Bracket

High Quality Bracket!

This bracket makes the IPS LCD install for the Game Boy Color much easier; positioning the LCD is a lot easier with this bracket.