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Game Boy Pocket IPS LCD

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If you're looking for a high-quality backlit LCD for the Game Boy Pocket, look no further than this IPS display! Featuring a simulated pixel grid, a variety of color palettes, and brightness control, the IPS LCD is an essential modification for the MGB!

Please read the product description carefully and in its entirety before purchasing.


  • Bright, backlit LCD
  • Multi-stage brightness control
  • 36 different color palettes
  • Simulated pixel grid to maintain the retro aesthetic
  • Proportional image
  • Fast refresh rate with no blur
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Mounting bracket compatible with both OEM and aftermarket shells



  • The files for the 3D printed bracket can be found on our Thingiverse, here


  • Some shell trimming is required for installation
  • Minor soldering is required (two wires)
  • When the grid line mode is turned on, some game scenes will flash when switching, which is a refresh problem of the motherboard of the console itself. This flashing is expected, and temporary.
  • We strongly recommend testing the display before installing it in your Game Boy Pocket. Once the foam tape is applied to your shell, it cannot be safely removed. Please confirm the kit is working before connecting the foam, bracket, and LCD. We are unable to accept returns on kits that have been installed in a console. Individual replacement parts are available above in the "Included" section.


  • LCD may break under pressure or if dropped. We recommend you exercise care when installing this product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jake Thompson
Gameboy pocket IPS

Absolutely stunning screen, my only issue was that the screen was slanted slightly

Zachery Rouse

Game Boy Pocket IPS LCD

Gameboy Pocket IPS LCD Kit

Works amazing! easy to install, looks incredible and kicks the whole thing up ten notches. This is the first IPS kit I've tried, and honestly I was a bit doubtful that it would be worth the extra price compared to an led backlight/bivert mod, but it really is on another level, especially with the Pocket's large screen. It's my favorite way to play original GB titles now. I used an oem shell, and the trimming took some time and care but it wasn't too difficult and the 3d-printed bracket lined everything up perfectly. The screen modes are kinda fun, but mostly I just use it in b+w or pea-soup green (nostalgia is real). Very happy with the kit and I'll be doing more in the future

Super Retro Land
GBP ips LCD screen

Amazing, once again I'm very pleased with my order from Retro Modding

Johannes "Oxob" Andersson
Great product

Great product, worked flawlessly! Although it did not come with a guide on how to install it so I had to figure that out for myself.