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Game Boy PCB Mount Pro Sound V3

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ASM's 2018 PCB Mount Pro Sound kit features a plated through-hole jack that offers enhanced durability. Its compact design produces a clean, professional look and increases the amount of space you'll have in your Game Boy, so you can add additional mods to your console.

While a typical line out mod screws into the shell, this kit allows for easy disassembly of the Game Boy and increased longevity of the mod. Most Pro Sound assembly kits don't allow you to tighten the nut after installation so, if the nut becomes loose, attempting to tighten it causes the the 3.5 mm jack to spin internally and consequently breaks the connections. The Pro Sound V3 prevents this issue so you can enjoy your mod for years to come.

The PCB Mount Pro Sound V3 uses the original DMG headphone jack, which features a proprietary switch for turning off the speaker and mounting posts to secure it to the case. The additional jack operates as a line-out jack, offering chiptune musicians higher quality audio for live performances and recording.


  • Clean, professional look
  • Enhanced durability
  • Few wires to solder
  • Increased space within the Game Boy housing
  • Provides chiptune artists with a system that can output high-quality audio for performances
  • Black matte PCB



  • 1 x PCB Mount Pro Sound V3 kit 


  • DMG headphone jack not included. You must remove the headphone jack from your DMG in order to use it for your Pro Sound mod
  • This kit is not designed for use with headphones