Gameboy PCB Mount Pro Sound V3

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The 2018 design of the PCB Mount Pro Sound kit from ASM features a through hole plated jack offering enhanced durability from the previous model, while also offering a professional look while increasing the space within the gameboy for other modifications.

While a typical prosound mod will screw onto the shell, this kit allows for easy disassembly of the gameboy and increased longevity of the modification. 

A major downfall of the typical prosound assembly is the inability to tighten the nut post-installation. If the nut becomes loose, attempting to tighten it will result in the 3.5mm jack spinning internally, thus breaking the connections.

The PCB Mount Pro Sound V3 utilizes the original headphone jack, which is not included with the kit. The DMG's headphone jack features a proprietary switch for turning off the speaker as well as mounting posts to secure it to the case, so it must be removed from the original headphone board to be used with the kit.

This kit is not designed for use with headphones. The additional jack operates as a line-out jack, offering chiptune musicians higher quality audio for live performances and recording.


  • Professional look.
  • Enhanced durability.
  • Less wires to solder.
  • Increased space within the gameboy.


  • PCB Mount Pro Sound v3 kit on a matte black PCB


* DMG headphone jack not included.