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GameCube Thumbstick Potentiometer

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The Nintendo GameCube controller's joysticks can become loose and unresponsive over time. If you want to keep using your favorite controller without having to deal with faulty control stick and C-stick inputs, pick up a couple of these thumbstick potentiometers to make your controller feel brand new.

Replacement thumbstick caps and a complete GameCube controller button set are also available. 


  • Compatible with both the gray control (analog) stick and the yellow C-stick
  • Fits genuine GameCube controllers and some third-party controllers


  • 1 x Thumbstick potentiometer


  • This product requires soldering. To install, desolder the original thumbstick potentiometer and solder this one into place on the controller's PCB
  • The GameCube controller can be opened with a tri-wing screwedriver (sold separately)
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Just what I needed

Made the loose thumbstick as good as new. Fits perfectly for original GameCube controllers.

Note that installment requires soldering tools, however, the work is entry-level.

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These GameCube replacement sticks are awesome for any controllers that use the T2 stick box type. These will not work on controllers that use the T3 stick box type. High quality, and feel brand new!