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Helder's Game Tech GBA Power Cleaner

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Modern Game Boy Advance mods, such as the IPS LCD or rechargeable battery pack, have a tendency to increase the hardware noise of the console, and cause an audible hiss. This flex PCB design by Helder's Game Tech is meant to be an easy-to-install solution, to help reduce the noise on modded consoles.


  • Designed to reduce hiss and hum on modded GBA consoles
  • Small, unobtrusive flex PCB
  • Easy installation requiring soldering to three solder points on PCB


  • 1 x GBA Power Cleaner PCB


  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
  • This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maybe it helps?

I have this installed as well as the dehum/dehiss kit from RetroSix and even with both of these I still have some humming when my volume is turned all the way down. I have a V3 2in1 IPS screen (from Handheld Legend), Helder's FlexAmp, and an EZ Flash Omega and at this point I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to fix the hum/hiss. Not sure how to feel about this part as it might do something, but it definitely does not fix the problem entirely (at least not for me). On the bright side it was easy to install IMO, with the solder parts being large enough to easily make contact with the capacitors.

Ryan Shiskowski
If you've got other mods on your GBA, buy this

Super easy to solder on and does a remarkable job at limiting noise on the motherboard of a GBA.

Asta Haugnes
A must have

Buy this if you are going to mod your gameboy in any way.

Joe B
Super cool!

Gba power cleaner, easy install and very happy

Does it do anything? Maybe

I didn't really have any power issues with my gba but I ordered the amp as well so I figured it couldn't hurt to install the power cleaner. The install wasn't too difficult but I'm not sure I noticed a difference.