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Helder's Game Tech GBA Flex Amp

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If you're looking to get a little extra out of the audio on your GBA, this flex amp from Helder's Game Tech is for you! Featuring a straightforward, wire-free installation, you'll be rocking out to your favourite boss themes in no time.


  • Only 3 solder points for an easy installation
  • Fully compatible with original speaker, requiring no additional modding to fit
  • Built in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filter layer to further reduce noise and interference affecting Amplified Audio


  • 1 x GBA Flex Amp


  • Please ensure that the speaker and the amp are isolated from each other (i.e. with kapton tape) during install
  • This product has a higher power draw than other amps; please keep this in mind if installing on a console that has additional mods installed

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Shiskowski
Insanely loud

I mean, it certainly lives up to the description. This amp is crazy loud (too loud in my personal opinion), but it functions as intended and sounds good. Do beware of the hissing noise that comes with the extra power draw on the motherboard.

Michael Jenkins
Nice and loud

Works great as intended, though beware of the extra buzzing noise even after replacing caps and installing a power cleaner.

Easy to install and very loud

Nice little amp that really kicks up the volume. Only downside is that even with the Helder power cleaner I get a hiss at no volume. Before installation my gba was silent. I'll probably just live with it since I usually have my volume up.