Helder's Game Tech NDS Lite Flex Amp for GBA Macro

Angry Helder
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If you're looking to convert your DS Lite into a GBA Macro, this two-in-one flex amp from Helder's Game Tech is for you! 


  • Only 7 solder points for an easy installation
  • Integrates the 330 Ohm Resistor Mod to enable the lower screen without the top screen (Macro Mod)
  • 1.5W Output capable of driving a variety of speakers
  • Superior Low Noise 


  • 1 x NDS Lite Flex Amp for GBA Macro


  • Please ensure that the speaker and the amp are isolated from each other (i.e. with kapton tape) during install

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Parker

This is a really nice way to get a Game Boy Macro finished up. I had it all working perfectly, but the wires that come on the Switch speaker are really fussy and I had to resolder the speaker multiple times and now I've fried the contacts for the speaker. YAY! Now I have to order another to fix it! I have better wire, so I don't think I'll have any issues next time.

So, bottom line is: It's a rad thing, I just messed mine up. Lesson learned!