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If you're looking to give your console a bit of 80's throwback style, look no further! This Neon Boy shell features a UV-printed design by Mizucat, that will be sure to give your handheld an explosion of nostalgic flair. If you're looking for something a little lighter, be sure to check out the Pastel Boy shell as well!


  • Machine cast DMG shell with a lightly textured finish to reproduce the feel of the original housing
  • High-quality print on both front and back of the DMG shell
  • Limited quantity of 50


  • 1 x Custom UV printed front and back DMG shell with matching battery door
  • 1 x Extension (link) port cover
  • 1 x Set of brand new screws 


  • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
  • This shell is an aftermarket part that may not look or feel identical to the original
  • Hydro-alcoholic gels (such as hand sanitizer) and their residue can damage the print if they come in contact. Please pay particular attention to this when using UV-printed shells.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Looks absolutely fantastic!

Skye Cowden
Great case

Really happy i picked this one up. Also the clear screen was the true move with this setup. Really makes the console shine

Justin Soto

Neon Boy

Love it.

Glad I got this one. love the look. also its a perfect replacement.
Ps if you have no power after installing the case, its one of the end batteries. unsure if it was my gameboy or the case but sightly shaving down the area fixed it.

regardless I love it and my friends think its awesome!

Kyle Johnson
It looks amazing!

I completed the Neon Boy mod, as well as the IPS V3 mod and let me just say how happy I am. This thing looks retail, and I love it. I LOVE having something unique like this.