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If you are looking for a little helping hand to make sure all your Pro Sound installations go smoothly, these jigs are exactly what you are looking for! Available for both the "traditional" line out pro sound mod, as well as our V3 PCB mount, these jigs are designed to make lining up and finalizing the new jack as simple as possible.


  • 3D-printed alignment jig ensures the necessary hole is drilled in the appropriate spot for both shell mount and PCB mount mods, while also protecting internal components while drilling
  • Printed in flexible TPU, to prevent damaging your shell
  • Shell mount kit includes jack support, to secure jack and prevent loosening of the nut
  • PCB mount kit includes sanding bar, to make finalizing the newly drilled hole as convenient as possible  


    • Shell Mount kit: Includes alignment jig and jack support, for the standard  pro sound mod installation
    • PCB Mount kit: Includes alignment jig and sanding bar, for the  V3 PCB mount installation


        If you'd like to 3D print your own Pro Sound Installation Jigs, our .STL files are open source and available on Thingiverse; you can find the shell mount here and the PCB mount here.


        Shell Mount kit:

        • 1 x Alignment Jig
        • 1 x Jack Support

        PCB Mount kit:

        • 1 x Alignment Jig
        • 1 x Sanding Bar


        • We recommend a 6mm drill bit for all drilling
        • Note that while both kits have an alignment jig, the jig itself is different depending on the kit; ensure you have the correct kit selected for your mod

        Customer Reviews

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        makes the prosound mod much easier

        used this once already for a dmg pro sound mod. had trouble fitting the drill bit recommended. started a few sizes smaller and worked up towards it. love the jig and love the bit for sanding. now my shells don't look mangled when I don't get my initial cut center and make this oddly shaped opening to fit the 2nd output. ha!

        Fresh Brew Customs (Leo)

        I highly recommend this, it was super helpful for making sure the port was placed correctly. Keep in mind though if you get the PCB mount it's fitted very specifically for the Prosound V3 and won't be much help as a drill guide for anything else