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5 years of Retro Modding

5 years of Retro Modding

We just turned 5 and started reminiscing about our humble beginnings. Of course we never think of documenting big changes when they happen, but we still managed to find a few picture to recap Retro Modding’s history :


The first Retro Modding office, 2016 - mid 2018
Retro modding's first office

Like a lot of modding companies, RM started at home, in Olivier's basement!
Crew: 1 (2016) to 3 (mid 2018)


Retro Modding’s merger with ASM, February 2017

2017 was an important year for us as we merged with ASM, acquiring our first moulds for the Game Boy shell and buttons, followed by the Game Pak in 2020.

Retro Modding's office, early 2017- mid 2018

early 2017 - mid2018

The inventory was smaller than it is today, but our in-house shells, buttons and battery packs were already there :)

The new Retro Modding office, August 2018

New Retro Modding office

As Retro Modding was growing, it was about time to find a proper office, so we could work in a dedicated place and be able to hire more people!
Crew: 4

Retro Modding's office, May 2019

May 2019

Our initial office before the first extension in July, removing the walls on the left and renting the office next door.
Crew: 5 + 2 internships

Retro Modding's office, January 2020

January 2020

Things gets a bit more official with the final door stickers. The door on the right is the initial office we rented in 2018, while the door on the left is the 2nd part we rented in mid 2019.
Crew: 10

The Retro Modding office, December 2020

December 2020

As so many projects were on our mind, we decided to rent another office next to the original one. While we were using this space for the at the time unannounced Incube8 Games, it also provided us a conference room and offices for 2 new teammates: a project manager and a designer :)
Crew: 12

Thank you again to everyone, and here’s to another five years!


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