Game Boy Advance AGS Ribbon Cable Adapter

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The Game Boy Advance has the best form factor of its generation. But, in the screen department, the AGS-101 has it beat. This ribbon cable adapter allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds by enabling you to connect the AGS-101 LCD to the GBA PCB for the ultimate Game Boy Advance.


  • Allows you to perform the AGB-101 backlight mod by connecting the AGS-101 LCD to your GBA PCB
  • Available for both 32 pin and 40 pin boards


  • Standard ribbon: a reliable ribbon with no added wires or switches. This is the best choice for modders planning to make the most of their AGS-101 by adding a voltage regulator and backlight controller to their project
  • Ribbon with wire: Includes a pre-soldered wire to boost the backlight current input
  • Ribbon with switch: Includes pre-soldered wire in addition to a two-level physical brightness switch that sits in the battery compartment. This product is not recommended for modders planning to install a digital brightness controller


  • To determine which GBA board you have and which ribbon to buy, please check out our ribbon guide
  • For instructions on how to prepare the AGS-101 LCD for installation, please check out our AGS-101 LCD preparation guide


  • 1 x Ribbon cable adapter in a variant of your choosing


  • Many of these cables do not come isolated. Make sure to carefully cover the ribbon in Kapton tape to prevent shorts
  • Installing the AGS-101 LCD in the GBA requires trimming the housing. We offer a trimming service with the purchase of any of our GBA shells
  • If you have a ribbon with wire and are planning on installing a voltage regulator, we recommend removing the red wire from the ribbon by gently touching your soldering iron to the solder point
  • We do not recommend choosing a ribbon with the brightness switch if you plan to use our rechargeable battery pack in your console. This is because the brightness switch sits at the bottom of the battery compartment and will be inaccessible unless the battery pack is removed. We do not recommend removing the battery pack multiple times once it has been installed in your console.

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Jeff V

It worked like a charm

AGS-101 adapter ribbon cable

Gotten two different ones for two different mods and both builds are awesome. Thank you RM